819 Golf Drive, Pontiac/Bloomfield, Michigan  |  (586) 453-1719

Thank you for fixing that. Yes, I am so comfortable here. Every day at 819 is like a dream. I truly feel like I’m living in a dream every day. I’m so happy. When I have you as manager, I know that everything will be fixed in a reasonable time. It’s easy to tell that you’re doing the best you can. Thanks again, Billy.

Brett Sutherland, resident 

This place is just awesome. It‘s perfect for a guy like me. Billy even gave me plumbing work too and I just met him. He and his dad have been really good to me.”

Mitch Rossio

“It (The 819) has been great so far! I work in walking distance – and with the gym right there as well, it’s very nice! I’ve had no complaints at all with the unit. Everything has been great and I’m grateful to be a tenant.”

– Jimmy Cook, Resident since 2023

You’re a great man giving a lot a people a leg up with the way you have that set up! God bless you buddy!

Tom Smith, supporter since 2011

“Thank you so much, Bill!  Glad to be here! I’m a proud resident!”

Paul S, Resident since 2023

“Three years ago when you told me about this place, I thought there was going to be a bunch of nonsense. I can confidently say that there has been zero nonsense. This is hands-down the best place I’ve ever lived.”

– Chris Bowers, Resident since 2020

“The 819 is an awesome place to live. It’s quiet and very nice, but it was hard to pick a house as nice as our apartment. We enjoyed our time there and this is a great place to stay. Matter of fact, my only complaint is nothing! Thanks for providing us with a clean, secure place to start our family. Bill Chalmers, YOU ROCK. LOVE YA’ BROTHER. Thanks again for everything you have done for us. I will recommend The 819 to everybody. You are a Godsend to the community.”

– Chris Keils, tenant since 2020

“I want to stay for ten years! Or maybe until I have to go to old folks home.”

– Sonya, resident since 2022

“Thank you for providing more than exceptional community and living environment.”

– Austin J. Sangster 

Thank you again for everything you’ve done for not just myself, but the community as a whole.”

– Tony Foyt, resident since 2020

“I already love this place, thank you Billy.”

– David Sloan, new tenant

“Kim and I have been talking about buying a house but the kids got upset and said they love it here.”

– James Lanvers

“I love being a resident at the 819, Billy. You and your dad are the best.”

– Robert Foster

“Simply put, the 819 is home. Not only are there amazing residents, but the up to date unit made it easy to feel comfortable right off the bat. There is nothing like the 819 and … I constantly meet new people here to add to my supportive circle and the security living here can’t be beat. The manager is always quick and receptive to respond so I always feel listened to and valued as a resident. Living adjacent to a golf course is serene and beautiful, leaving amazing views to wake up to. This is the best apartment building I could have ever hoped for and I never want to leave! I am proud to live here.”

– Haley Spencer, OU ‘21

“Thanks, Bill. It has been a wonderful experience which has set her up for success out of state. I can’t thank you enough for having the vision to build a safe place.”

– Kathleen Walsh Spencer DNP, MSN, MA, ACNS-BC, CNE, NCPRSS
Oakland University, Special Instructor School of Nursing

“I also would like to say I don’t want to move, I love our community here.  And you have done an amazing job with this place.”

Chris Keils

“This place is the best thing to ever happen to me. Bill and Billy took a chance on me. When I came in here I had no credit and now I can go buy a house if I want to! It’s awesome man. They are doing such a great job.”

Chris Bowers

“We really enjoy living here at the 819. It truly helps me to be around others that understand me!! I appreciate the opportunity you’ve given me and will continue to thrive in this environment.” 

– Whitney Horton
Resident since 2020

“If you know anyone who is in need of an  apartment in Oakland County, this place is amazing! A few of my staff live there and they love it!  I forwarded on to all of Eastwood. You guys did such an amazing thing by creating this!” 

– Gwendolyn Bammel
Supervisor, Ascension | Eastwood Recovery Center

“So very proud to be a resident at this beautiful apartment complex!!! The exact break we needed to take the next step on our journey and start our beautiful family my boyfriend our brand new baby and myself just moved in this is one of our many gifts.”

– Sarah Matthews

“My wife and I live here as well. We love it. Quiet, all new appliances, carpet, etc. Surrounded by good people. Plus it is located in a nice area and everything is really close by. Oh, yeah – the month-by-month lease is pretty cool as well. But I did want you to know, Kim and I love The 819, it already feels like home and I love that we are of something special that we can grow with.”

– James Lanvers

“I told Toi that this place was an absolute blessing in our lives, that it was by far the nicest place James and I have had together.”

– Kimberly Lanvers

“I’m definitely enjoying everything here!”

– Tony Foyt

“Your apartment facility is really nice.  I like the white.  Makes things bright and can help our moods occasionally too.  You should feel really proud of this project.  You have done a lot to provide a quality living environment for people.  I am interested to hear people’s reactions when they see their apartment for the first time”

Paula Nelson, Chief Executive Officer
Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center

“I attended the ‘sneak peek’ event last Saturday and was so impressed I leased one for someone I know.  One of the on-site managers is even an OU student! The month-to-month rent is between $800-950 for a two-bedroom apartment.  The website is www.The819sla.com  I am so happy Bill and Billy did this for our community!!”

Kathleen Walsh Spencer DNP, MSN, MA, ACNS-BC, CNE, NCPRSS
Oakland University, Special Instructor School of Nursing

Moderately-priced, two-bedroom apartments in Pontiac/Bloomfield.

Billy Chalmers, Leasing Manager
The 819 of Pontiac/Bloomfield

c/o Cartessa Real Estate Company
145 South Livernois Road, Suite 310
Rochester Hills, MI 48307

(586) 453-1719

Equal Housing Opportunity

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